The Wagsters

The Wagsters Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Best Magic Show Corporate Entertainment

Brandon and Hannah Wagster have been performing together since March of 2010. From their first rehearsal they knew they were meant to perform together. They also knew they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together and have been married since January 2013. As the years have gone on their show has moved from “Magician and Assistant” to equal partners on stage. Their love for magic, the stage and each other is shared in every performance. Calling South Carolina their home, they love to travel and meet new people all over the southeast. You can currently see them performing in shows LIVE in Myrtle Beach, SC at The Carolina Opry Theatre but they always make time to travel the state and take their shows to other venues and special events. 

Brandon Wagster

Brandon Wagster Myrtle Beach South Carolina Best Magic Show

Brandon Wagster was born and raised in Columbia, SC. He began performing magic like most magicians at a very young age. After recieving a magic set from Mom and Dad on Christmas morning at the age of 6 he was hooked. Brandon’s career in entertainment has consisted of print work, modeling, commmercials, film, and live theatre. But it is through magic where he feels he truly belongs. 20 years of entertainment expierience has given him the ability to offer a show unlike any other. Brandon’s dynamic personality, high energy, strong stage presence, unique sense of humor and flawless sleight of hand truly make him one of the best young entertainers in the world today. The stage is where Brandon belongs and he is so lucky that he gets to do it with the woman he loves. 

Hannah Lynne

Hannah Lynne Wagster Myrtle Beach South Carolina Best Magic Show

Behind every great magician is a woman … in a box. Hannah Lynne is so much more. Hannah was also born and raised in Columbia, SC but spent most of her childhood on a farm loving her pet chickens, goats, and horses. When not outside she was being classically trained in dance and flute. As a child she had aspirations to become a vet. But meeting Brandon changed her life forever. She found a new love and has been Brandon’s leading lady since 2010. She is an indispensable part of the show. From performing illusions onstage, assisting audience members, and knowing the show inside and out, Hannah is a vital part of every show’s success. She never thought this is where she would have ended up but she has found her place in the world. Sharing the spotlight with her husband and best friend.